Easiest (And Most Overlooked!) Spots Bats Can Enter YOUR Wisconsin Home!

How Do Madison Bats Enter?

It is the primary question about bats that what are major sources and routes where these mammals enter a Wisconsin home. In fact, the bats needs very small gap or place to enter a house. Most of bats use open areas and chimneys to enter the house and occupy attic. Basically, bats are small in size and they can cross cracks in walls and on roof.

1-Cracks and Small Holes:

Most of the old Wisconsin houses have cracks in walls and holes. Bats make these holes and cracks their entry routes. They can pass through these areas and enter the houses. Most of bats like living at attic where they feel comfortable and free to fly. They also like living in small gaps where they take rest and reproduce their babies. If you want to prevent entry of bats in your homes, you must fill these cracks and holes with concrete material. If you have done this, then entry options for bats will go down.

2-Open Windows:

Sometimes, the people leave windows open. The bats get an opportunity to invade a home. So, they mostly move into a Madison house in colony and occupy the attic. You should be careful when you are stepping down your homes. This is compulsory for you to close all windows and lock them properly to prevent invasion of bats.

3-Mistakenly Open Doors:

If you leave the doors open mistakenly, then it will let bats enter your attic. You should make sure whether you have locked the doors at attic or not. It is better for you to use net doors that will reduce entry of bats into a home.


Sometimes, if the bats do not get a good place to enter a Madison home, they use chimneys. They often pass through Wisconsin chimneys slowly and finally reach to attic area.

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