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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Madison! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Madison, WI. Are you looking for a natural and humane approach to wild animal removal and control? You should give us a call. Unlike other pest and wild critter control companies in the area, we don' t ever use poisons, only relying on live trapping, humane lethal trapping (in the cases of rodents), and exclusion, to leave your home or business critter-free … and critter-proof. You' ll find that our prices are very competitive when compared to others in the same area, and that' s just one of the reasons why our customers consistently rate us as the number ONE critter control company. It could also have a little something to do with our friendly and very knowledgeable field operators and phone staff, who are not only available around the clock, but are also fully trained and equipped to tackle any challenge. From bats in the attic destroying the roof and ceiling to a critter that smells like it might have passed away in the basement, we can get rid of the lot — all traces of it, even the disease spores and biological organisms that the animals are well-known to leave behind. Our thorough sanitation and cleanup services are second to none, ensuring that no hazardous material is left to spread disease to your, your family, and even your pets. Call us now at 608-615-4418 for your Madison wildlife control needs.

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Madison Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: BEWARE Can a Wisconsin Skunk Fit Through Most Sized Holes?

The size of the gap or holes in our Wisconsin walls or structure can help us identify the type of creature that can possibly invade our property. With regards to the skunk, the creature can squeeze itself in a hole that is about the same size of a baseball which is approximately 1 ½ inches up to 3 inches in radius. This is quite surprising especially if you consider the size of the skunk. Skunks are known for their non-aggressive behavior but you still don' t want to encounter them due to their unique defense mechanism. If you notice that persistent and unbearable stench in your Madison house, you are highly likely dealing with a skunk infestation.

Solutions on Skunk Infestation

The probability of dealing with a Madison skunk invasion is higher during the month of February up to May which is the nesting period of the creature. Once you encounter them, it is recommended to stay away from them. Skunks are docile creatures and will not launch an attack as long as they are not provoked or threatened. In this article, we listed some of the possible conflicts and solutions that are associated with the skunk invasion.

Discourage the Creature

As we often mentioned in our site, there is a reason why a wildlife creature decided to create a den in your Wisconsin property. You will need to determine the reason to bring an end to your problem. Skunks are burrowers. They will normally create a den under our shed or porch. You should try to fill up the openings of their dens with dirt. However, make sure that you are not trapping the skunk inside the den. You should also eliminate the piles of tree limbs and leaves in your property which they can use to create their den.

A Skunk Dwelling in Your Wisconsin Property

In case it is already too late and the skunk has already created a permanent den under your shed, we advise you to perform mild and humane harassment that can drive them away. Nonetheless, you should only use this method if there are no baby skunks inside the den. If there are young skunks in the den, you will hear a high-pitch squeaking sound. You should never touch the baby skunk; otherwise, the mother skunk will abandon her litters. In case there are young skunks, you can either tolerate their presence until such time that they are no longer dependent to their mother or you may hire the service of the skunk removal expert.

After the Madison baby skunks have been removed from your property, consider installing a one-way exclusion device at the entry points. This will allow the mother skunks to leave voluntarily but will prevent her from returning to the den. After at least a week and you are certain that all skunks have already left your property, you will need to seal the entry points with a quality material. Using a plank of wood or wire mesh to cover the hole will be a good deterrent against the skunks.