Safest and CLEANEST Way to Remove Raccoon Feces From Your Madison Attic

Being a part of process, wildlife technicians do a keen inspection of the attics for determining an extent of damage and contamination. They make it sure by taking many pictures thus you can have a great idea of what you have in your attic.

The extent of damage which you can expect for finding after removal of unwanted raccoons rely on duration of their own stay. Longer they live there, worse it generally gets. In few cases, particularly as raccoons evict steadily, just removal of soil insulation and spot treatments are needed.

Tips to clean raccoon feces in attic

While dealing with feces of raccoons, it is vital to perform following measures for protecting your safety:

  • Put on disposable Wisconsin gloves
  • Put on booties for covering shoes which can get washed with warm soapy water
  • Put on particle rated masks for avoiding ingesting the airborne eggs.
  • Don' t disturb dropping and never make them to be airborne – the mist of moisture can help
  • After completion, clean out your Madison clothes thoroughly and tool using warm soapy water and dispose them wholly
  • Wash your hand and skin properly.

  • How to clean Wisconsin raccoon feces in attic?

    For removing feces of raccoons in attic, perform following steps:

  • Use a scoop or shovel for collecting the droppings carefully and any other surrounding Madison insulation and materials.
  • Put them in a heavy garbage bag and seal its top completely
  • Remove bag from attic carefully and never cross-contaminate your home
  • Dispose your bag off in the secured garbage can
  • For Madison attics that have severe raccoon contamination and damage, spot cleaning isn' t possible. For such cases, it is vital to hire Wisconsin professional workers for safely removing all contaminated materials and insulation and place a new insulation there.

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